Counter Strike 1.6 eSK UCP P48 v42 Nonsteam with UCP ANTICHEAT

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Counter Strike 1.6 eSK UCP P48 V42 Nonsteam with UCP ANTICHEAT

Play the world’s number 1 online action game.
Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly popular team-based game.
Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages.
Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role.

This is a clean rip, everything is original and all files are cracked fresh from steam files except where noted, no old dll’s.
As usual everything should work as it should, but if you find bugs please report them.

Also features a completely new feature


Counter Strike 1.6 eSK UCP P48 v42 Nonsteam with UCP ANTICHEAT [Tek Link]


Game is asking for CD-Key at start on other profiles.
Click the cd-key.reg in the folder where you installed CS.

(CD-Key sorarsa klasördeki cd-key.reg dosyana çift tıklayın yeter)

Setup FileSize: 281 MB
HDD FreeSpace required: 538 MB


Counter Strike 1.6 eSK UCP.exe yi çalışıtırın ve yönergeleri takip edin. Aşağıda resimli anlatımı da var.


when downloaded just run “Counter Strike 1.6 eSK UCP.exe”
its a simple installer just follow with next and select directory you want to install.
dont forget to select (create a desktop icon).
when finishd you will see 2 icons on desktop one is:
*Counter-Strike 1.6 eSK UCP
Is that you will start counter strike with upc 7.4 anticheat (you will not be able to use any cheats)
but you can join my servers with ucp or other servers that they use UCP anticheat.

*Counter Strike 1.6 eSK [No UCP]
is that you will run counter strike without ucp anticheat and you can use cheats ofcurse,
but you cant join servers that are secured with UCP ANTICHEAT.

its to easy to install just next next untill finish, but dont forget to creat a desktop shortcut.
it is precracked with revemu so you dont need to pay anything just enter the online games servers or your favorite servers.
More pic-s About this release:

– Release 09.01.2012
– Newest NonSteam version
– Latest engine update
– Protocol version 48
– Exe version (cstrike)
– Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)
– Favorites works, (you can add favorites)
– Playable on LAN and Internet
– Compatible with UCP-anticheat
– UCP-Anticheat included
– Fully working serverbrowser with favorites using Setti MasterServer.
– Steam Account/CD-Key NOT required
– No more Invalid CD-Key errors
– Latest revEmu (v9.8.2)
– Working Dedicated and Listen server (Steam & NonSteam can join)
– Works with Vista/Windows 7×64
– Nice installer
– Bots are not included in this release
_ Clean rip from original files with these exceptions:
– Ingame ads removed
– Added waypoints for bots and few maps
– Replaced original weapon names with their real names (ex. CV-47 to AK-47)
– Tuned up default config
– HLDS and HLTV included
– Ads are removed
– Regular Counter-Strike models

I get STEAM validation rejected -error when joining some servers.
The server is not cracked.

Game is asking for CD-Key at start on other profiles.
Click the cd-key.reg in the folder where you installed CS.

I’m getting this error in console: Warning: RAD_ERROR_NOCONTENT for cellid 180/181
The removal of ads causes this. Nothing to worry about.

The Server is using an older protocol (47) than your client (48). error when joining a server.
The server is outdated.

if you have UCP errors visit:
or use Counter Strike 1.6 eSK [No UCP]

This Setup is Clean Virus Free:
See Pic (proof)

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